Instruments of Food Management in India

There are a few basic objectives of Food Management in India.

  1. Procurement of food grains from farmers at remunerable prices
  2. Distributing these food grains to the consumers & vulnerable sections of the society
  3. Maintenance of a Buffer Stock for adverse circumstances
  4. Maintenance of food security and price stability.

So, there are some instruments of food Management / price management. These instruments are :

  1. Minimum Support Price (MSP)
  2. Central Issue Price
  • The MSP is used to procure the food grains from the farmers at the remunerative prices and CIP is used to issue this food grain to the sections of society particularly poor and vulnerable section.

The nodal agency for Food Management in India is Food Corporation of India. The FCI undertakes the procurement, distribution, storage of the food grains.

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