Initial Annexations under Doctrine of Lapse

The Doctrine of Lapse resulted in the first annexation of Satara, which was annexed in 1848. In the next year 1849- Sambalpur were annexed to the British Empire. Next followed Karauli in 1852.

  • There were people who protested against this measure as an act of unrighteous usurpation, but it was not until 1857, when this protest took a shape of a fire –The Great Mutiny.

Soon, another great Maratha chief at Nagpur Raghojo Bhosla died. This Raja who died at the age of 47 years succumbed to a number of complications and disorders including debauchery and obstinacy. He had no son and a posthumous son was impossibility. He also had not adopted an heir. The result was that the British Paramount pronounced a fatal sentence of Lapse. Nagpur was annexed in 1854. Next important annexation was Annexation of Jhansi .

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