India’s Gross Domestic Saving

In 2009-10, the total Gross Domestic Saving was Rs. 2207423 Crore which was made up of Rs. 1536071 Crore in Household Sector, Rs. 531403 Crore in Private Corporate Sector and Rs. 139949 Crore in the Public Sector. This Rs. 2207423 Crore is 33.7% of the GDP at Current Prices.
The economic Survey presents the following picture of the Savings in the country for 2009-10:
Gross Domestic Saving: 33.7 %
Of which:
Public Sector : 2.1%
& Private Sector : 31.6 %
• Of Private Sector:

  • Private Corporate Sector : 8.1%
  • Household sector : 23.5 %
    Of the Household Sector :
  • Physical Assets : 11.7%
  • Financial Assets : 11.8%

Following Graphics Shows this Break Up:

Its worth note that in the last few years, the Gross Domestic Saving as a part of GDP has remained almost constant. It is shown in the following graphics:

But it does not mean that saving is not increasing. When GDP grows, the Savings too increase and so do the Investments.

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