In which session Indian National Congress adopted a significant resolution against the use of Indian troops in China, Mesopotamia and Persia?

Right from 1885, Congress had started raising voice against the Foreign Policy of the British. It was in 1892, when they for the first time, objected the military activity of the British along the natural borders of India. The voice was raised against the use of India as a military base against the neighbors of India such as Tibet, Burma, Afghanistan and Persia. In 1921, at a meeting (not session) at Delhi, the Congress took a resolution on the foreign policy of India and iterated India’s desire to establish good friendly relations with other states. This is considered to be the first important resolution related to the Foreign Policy. But it was the 1927 Madras session, where the INC passed a resolution against the use of the Indian Troops in China, Mesopotamia and Persia. In 1928, at the Calcutta Session, AICC was directed to open a Foreign department so that we start making relations with the countries.
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