In how many categories can the Fundamental Rights be classified?

The Indian Constitution guarantees essential human rights in the form of Fundamental Rights under Part III. It protects substantive as well as procedural rights. The Fundamental Rights in the Indian Constitution have been grouped under seven heads as follows:-

(i) Right to Equality: comprising Articles 14 to 18, of which Article 14 is the most important.

(ii) Right to Freedom:
comprising Article 19 to 22 which guarantee several freedoms, the most important of which is the freedom of speech.

(iii) Right against Exploitation: consists of Article 23 and 24.

(iv) Right to Freedom of Religion: is guaranteed by Articles 25 to 28.

(v) Cultural and Educational Rights: are guaranteed by Article 29 and 30.

(vi) Right to Property: is now very much diluted and is secured to some extent by Articles 30-A, 31-A, 31-B and 31-C.

(vii) Right to Constitutional Remedies: is secured by Articles 32 to 35.