HUMSA-UG is a part of four indigenous naval systems developed viz. ABHAY, HUMSA UG, NACS and AIDSS which will boost underwater surveillance capability of the Indian Navy.

It is an upgraded version of the existing HUMSA SONAR system and it will be installed on seven ships of three different classes. It intensifies the command over the open seas of the world outside the territorial waters. Its hardware architecture is based on the state-of-the-art open architecture process technologies that will enable smooth upgrade of the system capabilities.

Information on other naval systems:

ABHAY is an advanced Active-cum-Passive integrated SONAR system designed and developed for the smaller platforms such as shallow water crafts and coastal surveillance/patrol vessels.

NACS determines the in-situ performance of the SONAR systems which are used to find the frequency-dependent 3-D transmission and reception characteristics of the SONAR. It is also used to measure the magnitude and phase characteristics of the SONAR transmission and reception electronics and the transducers.

AIDSS, a distress SONAR is an Emergency Sound Signalling Device which is used to indicate that a submarine is in distress and enable quick rescue and salvage.