Humayun : Exile in Persia

Exile in Persia

After birth of Jalal or Jalaluddin Akbar in October 1542, the 34 year exiled emperor of Delhi was left with no options that to take refuse to his half brothers Kamran and Aksari. Before that he had sent Hindal to reach Kamran. Kamran had placed Hindal in house arrest, because he did not read Khutba in his brother’s name. When Humayun was approaching, Kamran sent Akasari to approach him mid way and eliminate him. This led him to flee to Persia as a not-so-welcome guest of influential Shah of Iran (Persia) Tahmasp -I.

Added by Shah of Persia, he was able to win Kandahar from his brother Akasari. In 1547, he took Kabul from unpopular Kamran in a bloodless takeover. From here, the rise of Humayun began.

End of Kamran

Kamran fled to Delhi to plot another intrigue with Islam Shah Suri, son and successor of Sher Shah. Islam Shah, a true afghan, arrested this shrewd Mughal and asked his trusted advisor Hemu to take him to Kabul and hand over to Humayun. After that Kamran was blinded, and later died in Mecca – blinded and deserted.

Humayun was now sitting over almost same territories as his father was 15 years back before conquest of Delhi.

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