Hillary Clinton’s India visit: Main Points

Following are the main points of Hillary Clinton’s visit to India last week.

End Use Monitoring Pact:
Status :
The pact was not signed however the two countries reacehed a significant agreement.
This act provides for verification of military equipment and technology acquired by India from the US. It is aimed at preventing transfer to third countries. The agreement that will pave the way for Indian procurement of US Defence technology and equipment.

Technical Safeguards Agreement
Status: Finalized but not signed
This agreement will permit the launch of civil or non-commercial satellites containing US components on Indian space launch vehicles.

Agreement on creation of a Science and Technology Endowment Board
Stauts : signed

Krishna and Clinton signed an agreement on creation of a Science and Technology Endowment Board.

US Nuclear Reaceters
India has decided to allocate two sites for US Civil Nuclear Reacters.

Indo US Trade:
Negotiations for a Bilateral investment Treaty will take place in August 2009.

Krishna and Clinton agreed on the need to expand the role of the private sector in strengthening this collaboration even as they underscored the importance of expanding educational cooperation through exchanges and institutional collaboration.

Technology :
The two sides agreed to continue the bilateral High Technology Cooperation Dialogue with the objective of facilitating smoother trade in high technology between them. Working groups would be formed to focus on new areas of common interest in nano-technology, civil nuclear technology, civil aviation and licensing issues in defence, strategic and civil nuclear trade.

Climate Change:
Both sides pledged to intensify collaboration on energy security and climate change with special focus on increasing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean energy technologies through the India-US Energy Dialogue and a Global Climate Change Dialogue.

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America will work to meet health challenges facing India among other countries and will have a comprehensive dialogue to improve maternal and child healthcare services. Commitment was also in eradication of infectious diseases like Tuberculosis (TB) and Polio which are also problems in India. She visited visiting a Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA)’s trade outlet in Mumbai.

About India Pakistan & Kashmir:

She ruled out any role for the US as a ‘broker’ between India and Pakistan in resolving the Kashmir issue, she said ‘the decision has to be between India and Pakistan and it must take into account the feeling of people of Kashmir.’

Social Security Bill:
US is trying to push for Social Security Bill in India so that women can get maternity leave and other benefits. This is what she said.

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