Green Diesel

  • The major difference between the Biodiesel and Green Diesel is the “Process of making them“.
  • Green diesel is derived from renewable feedstock by using biomass to liquid or vegetable oil refining technologies.
  • Biodiesel is processed using transesterification, while green diesel is processed by the traditional fractional distillation like fossil origin diesel fuel (petrodiesel).
  • So, both of them have a different chemical composition too.

Tobacco as source of Bio Fuel:

In December 2009, it was published in the Plant Biotechnology Journal, that some researchers have identified a way of increasing oil content in tobacco leaves to be used as a bio fuel. According to this report, Tobacco can generate bio fuel more efficiently than other agricultural crops. The scientists have found ways to genetically engineer the plants so that their leaves express more oil. In some instances, the modified plants produced 20-fold more oil in the leaves. In their view, Tobacco represents an attractive and promising ‘energy plant’ platform, and could also serve as a model for the utilization of other high-biomass plants for bio fuel production


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