GKToday’s Target 2013 (Mains) General Studies Programme

GKToday will start a 5 months programme for General Studies Papers of Civil Services (Mains) Examination of 2013. The programme starts from June 9, 2013 and comes to at an end tentatively by November 6, 2013.

This programme comprises approximately 50 Modules as PDF Documents on select topics from the syllabi of General Studies Paper-I, II and III of the mains examination. This programme also includes 4 Modules on Paper-IV (Ethics and Integrity) which we wish to provide but as of now, not making any formal promise (Ex gratia). These four documents we intend to provide in the months of August and September.

About Modules

Every Document of GKToday’s Mains Programmes material is a short and concise Solved General Studies Paper, with “framed questions and model answers” in approximately 10-15 pages. These documents don’t exist at the start of the programme; they are prepared, sent for legal rights, and then shared with the members during the course of the time as per the tentative schedule.

Current Affairs

Approximately half of the Modules are on current affairs and current issues. These modules have a section C which comprise the recent current affairs in the form of 2/5 markers.

Structure of a Module

Each document has been divided into 2 sections:

  • Section A: Selected around 30 one/ two markers with small snippets of information. This is a very selective compilation. You can study the basics in the core books and other online / offline sources you have. Our papers would comprise only those selected information which according to us may be important and worth to be asked in examination. However, this is not a guess work.
  • Section B: Selected 10-15 big questions (50-250 words) with our answers. These are opinion based answers, based upon facts as well as our opinion on a particular topic. Your opinion may vary but they help you to develop your own opinion. Selection of the questions is such that we keep in mind your upcoming examination. But still, it is not guesswork.
  • Section C: The current affairs modules, apart from being dedicated to a particular subject, have a separate section C, that comprises the latest relevant updates in the form of 2/5 markers or longer topics, as we may consider appropriate.

These documents set you on a direction in which you can sharpen your skills. Kindly note that the documents delivery begins from June 9 and the documents will come continuously on almost every third day. The best strategy to utilize this programme is to chalk out your own plan and align your preparation with the our schedule and use your own resources such as core books which you have been using to prepare those key areas where you face problems. You will not get enough time to revise the documents in the end, so it is advised to revise the documents from the beginning itself and keep marking them as revised. The content of these documents is selective and we try to make them as concise as possible. You can not give good performance in examination by simply overloading yourself with too much information when your examination is very near. This programme feeds you slowly and helps you to prepare in a systematic way but requires equal hard work and effective self study from your side also.

  • Apart from the documents, you also receive some regular mails with unsolved questions framed from everyday newspapers for your own DIY answer writing practice.

Tentative Schedule

A rough idea of subject matter and the rough schedule publishing the documents is given in the following table. The actual dates will vary.

Sr. Subject Date*
Module 1. Indian Paintings – Ancient & Medieval Jun-9
Module 2. Indian Paintings & Painters – Modern Jun-12
Module 3. Indian Sculpture Jun-15
Module 4. Indian Architecture – Ancient , Medieval Jun-18
Module 5. Modern Indian Architecture and Architects Jun-21
Module 6. Indian Dance & Drama, Classical Music Jun-24
Module 7. Folk Music and Folk Dances, Fairs and Festivals Jun-27
Module 8. Cinema and Television; Ancient Sports and Indian Martial art Jun-30
Module 9. Indian Literature – Vedic and Sanskrit Jul- 2
Module 10. Indian Literature – Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu Jul-5
Module 11. Indian Literature – Medieval, Modern, English and Journalism Jul-8
Module 12. Religions & Languages, Religious canon Jul-11
Module 13. Women Empowerment and Role of Women in Indian Society Jul-14
Module 14. Select Questions on American War of Independence, French Revolution, Russian Revolution Jul-17
Module 15. Industrial Revolution and Socialist Industrialization, Communism, Capitalism & Socialism, Imperialism and Colonialism Jul-20
Module 16. World War – 1, World War – 2, Cold War Jul-23
Module 17. Current Affairs & Issues : Indian Agriculture Sector , Crops, Irrigation and Agro-Marketing Jul-26
Module 18. Current Affairs & Issues : Indian Industrial Sector & Industrial Policies Jul-29
Module 19. Current Affairs & Issues : Indian Service Industry, Export and Imports, Foreign Trade Policy Aug-4
Module 20. Indian Planning Experience: Performance of the 11th Five Year Plan Aug-7
Module 21. Current Affairs & Issues : 12th Five Year Plan, Inclusive Growth and Development Aug-10
Module 22. Current Affairs & Issues : Poverty & Public Distribution System , Food Security Aug-13
Module 23. Current Affairs & Issues : Food Processing Industry of India Aug-16
Module 24. Current Affairs & Issues : Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization Aug-17
Module 25. Current Affairs & Issues in Energy & Infrastructure Sector Aug-20
Module 26. Current Affairs & Issues : Ports & Shipping Sector , Civil Aviation Sector, Indian Railways Aug-23
Module 27. Current Affairs & Issues with India’s Public Finance, Fiscal Policy & Monetary Policy, Investment and Disinvestment Models Aug-26
Module 28. Key Constitutional Offices, key Statutory & Regulatory Bodies, Pressure groups and formal/informal associations and their role in the Polity, NGOs Aug-29
Module 29. Representation of the People’s Act, Indian Democracy, Corruption and Lokpal Issues Sep-3
Module 30. India’s Defense Forces – Army, Navy and Air force Sep-6
Module 31. India’s Defense Forces – Paramilitary Forces and Police, Defense Production and Defense Procurement / Production Policy Sep-9
Module 32. Current Affairs & Issues : India’s Border and Key Border Issues Sep-10
Module 33. Current Affairs & Issues : – Extremism & Terrorism , Internal Security, Red Corridor, Problems in North East India, Kashmir Problem Sep-13
Module 34. Current Affairs & Issues : Cyber security, Money Laundering & Related Legislations Sep-16
Module 35. Current Affairs & Issues : Public health Sector Sep-19
Module 36. Current Affairs & Issues : Education & Human Resources Sector, Unemployment, Vocational Education and Skills Development Sep-22
Module 37. Current Affairs & Issues : E-Governance – Basics & Models, Corporate Governance Sep-25
Module 38. Current Affairs & Issues : Right to Information, Right to Education Sep-28
Module 39. Current Affairs & Issues : Population Growth, Demographic Dividend Oct-3
Module 40. Current Affairs & Issues : Urbanization and Urban Development Oct-6
Module 41. Current Affairs & Issues : Rural Development Oct-9
Module 42. India’s Neighbours – China, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan Oct-12
Module 43. India’s Neighbours – Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Afghanistan Oct-5
Module 44. Foreign Policy and India’s role in Geopolitics, Indian Diaspora Oct-18
Module 45. Current Affairs & Issues : India’s interaction with the world –Relations with North America, Latin America, Australia, Europe and East Asia Oct-21
Module 46. Current Affairs & Issues : Select Global Affairs with special Emphasis on Africa and Middle East Oct-24
Module 47. Select Questions on Global Organizations – The United Nations Organization, WB and IMF, WTO, SAARC and ASEAN, NATO, CSTO and CSO, NAM and others Oct-26
Module 48. IT, Computers, Biotechnology and Genetics, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Space Science and Defense Technology Oct-29
Module 49. Current Affairs & Issues : Intellectual Property rights, Patents and Copyright Nov-3
Module 50. Current Affairs & Issues : Select Personalities in news Nov-6
The following Modules would be delivered to you anytime in August & September (Ex gratia)
Module 51. Ethics and Integrity – Basics
Module 52. Ethics and Integrity – Teachings of Moral Thinkers
Module 53. Ethics and Integrity – Solved Case Studies – I
Module 54. Ethics and Integrity – Solved Case Studies – II
* Actual Dates may vary

Cost of the Programme

Cost of the Target 2013 Mains Programme is ` 7500/- Including 12.5% Service Tax.

Payment Procedure

By Cash

  • For a Cash Payment, you can go to the Nearest ICICI Bank Branch and deposit the amount as mentioned above in the account given below.
  • Just after you deposit cash, send a mail to gktoday.in@gmail.com mentioning the following information:

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    • Scanned Copy of the Payment made.

    • Your Email Address
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    • GKToday will send confirmation and receipt of your payment and an invitation to join the mailing list for correspondence. Please keep the receipt of the payment safe till the end of the programme. It may take 24 hours to send the confirmation.

Online Payment:

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Reaching the Admin

The author (Suresh Soni) is available on +91-9928053351 during office hours (10.00 AM to 6.00 PM) everyday (including Sunday) for further clarifications or queries if you have. You are requested to call the author for small queries rather than sending mails. When you make a call, you get instant reply.

Terms & Conditions

  • This programme is open for students and aspirants only.
  • This programme is a supplement to your preparation and may not be a sole source of your preparation for any particular examination.
  • The payment made by you is for a service to be received by you for your personal benefit. This service is provided a single person in good faith and good state of health and mind, and the entire liability rests with a single person. However, the programme may come to at a halt / end due to any eventuality such as serious illness, accident or death of the author during the course of the programme. In case any of the above eventualities including death of the author occurs at any time during the course of the programme, you set him / his dependents free from any and all legal liabilities regarding your payment. If the programme comes to at an end due to any other reason than mentioned in above clause, you will be refunded the amount on pro rata basis.
  • There is a consistency in the programme till its end and you are provided the material twice or thrice a week. However, author reserves the right to adjust the schedule and nomenclature of the documents for a benefit of the members.
  • The number of documents mentioned above is approximate. It may be actually a bit less or more, depending upon the subject matter and our coverage.
  • The documents come to you in simple PDF documents which you can print. You agree to NOT to redistribute / resell/ reproduce any material provided. You are requested to use the content ONLY for your personal use.
  • The author reserves the right to publish a part of the material on his website.
  • Language of the documents is only English.
  • This programme does not provide you any guarantee regarding your success in any examination.
  • Any dispute arising shall be subject to Kotputli (Jaipur) Court only.
  • The terms & conditions are subject to change at any point of time.