General Knowledge : Mizoram

Mozoram: General Information

Population (2001 Census):888573
Sex Ratio (Females/1000 Males):938
Density Of Population (Persons/ Square Km):42
Urban Population %:49.5
Literacy Rate (Census 2001) In %:88.8
Male Literacy In %:90.7
Male Literate In Numbers:350105
Female Literacy In %:86.7
Female Literate In Numbers:311340
Birth Rate (Per 1000) (2003):21.93
Death Rate (Per 1000) (2003):5.07
Imr (Per 1000 Live Birth) (2003):14.03
Nsdp At Current Prices:192611 Rs Crores *(2003-2004)
Per Capita Nsdp (2002-03) At Current Prices Rs:18467 Rs *(2001-2002)

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