Farrukhsiyar 1713-1719

Farrukhsiyar was a despicable poltroon who suffered similar fate like Jahandar Shah 6 years later in 1719. He sat the throne with the help of two Vazirs of the Mughals Syed Hassan Ali Khan Barha and Syed Hussain Ali Khan Barha known as Sayyid Brothers.

  • In 1717, the British East India Company purchased duty free trade rights in all of Bengal for peanuts worth Rupees 3000 per year from this so called emperor.

He lolled the throne as a puppet in the hands of the Sayyid Brothers, and when there was an enmity with these two King makers, they deposed him, imprisoned him, starved him, blinded him and finally finished him. The Sayyid brothers placed his cousin Rafi ud-Darajat on the throne in 1719.

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