Establishment of Fort William College in 1800

Fort William College 1800

Civil Service to the East India Company was the backbone of the East India Company. Initial steps were taken by Clive to improve the terms and conditions but Clive as well as Warren Hastings was unable to put an end in the corruption for; they themselves found hooked.

The initial attempt to train the Civil Servants locally was done by Lord Wellesley. Within the campus of the Fort William, he founded Fort Williams College on 10 July 1800.

  • The idea was to teach the British rookies understand the Oriental culture, tradition, law and administration to better coordinate in the “governance”.

The result was the thousands of works in Indian languages such as Sanskrit, Persian, Bengali, Hindi and Urdu were translated in English. Now Calcutta was home to

  1. Calcutta Madarasa 1781
  2. Asiatic Society 1784
  3. Fort William College 1800

This was the first stage of development of Calcutta as India’s most respected Intellectual centers in the 19th century. Bengal Renaissance started from Calcutta only after this phase was over.

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