East India Company – Transfer of Bombay and ventures in Bengal

Transfer of Bombay and ventures in Bengal

The English factory at Hugli in Bengal was established in 1650. Due to the services provided by one Gabriel Boughton, surgeon of the Hopewell to the Mughal Governor, the company got some better terms to trade such as payment of fixed terms.

In 1655 the east India Company established a factory at Kasimbazar adjacent to Murshidabad. The establishments in Bengal were made subordinate to Fort Saint George or Madras.

  • In 1661, Bombay was given to the British crown as part of the dowry of Catharine Braganza to Prince Charles II of England.
  • However it was not delivered till 1665.

In 1664 when Surat was raided by the Maratha swarms under Shivaji, the English factory was defended by George Oxenden. The Mughals granted them exemption from the customs for 1 year for this “brave act”.

  • In 1665, Bombay was transferred to East India Company for an annual payment of 10 Pounds to the government.
  • In 1667 Mughal Emperor gave them a Firman to carry out trade in Bengal. In the same year 1687, the headquarters of the British East India Company was replaced from Surat to Bombay.