Dogri Language

  • Dogri language has evolved over many years and enriched our literature and poetry. Literary writing in Dogri has been impressive and by 1969 the Sahitya Akademi gave the language due recognition and since then a number of Dogri literature have received awards from the Akademi.
  • In 2003, the Dogri language was included in the eighth Schedule of Indian Constitution and the language added to India’s cultural fabric.
  • Dogri paintings are no less an achievement for the people of this region. The famous paintings from Basholi, Guler and Kangra regions are world famous and are displayed in art galleries around the world.
  • Dogri folk songs and music which is very popular. Brave Dogri people are known for their valour, and the name of General Zorawar Singh is remembered with respect in the nation. (from speech of president)
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