Difference Between Monocots and Dicots

Angiosperms are classified into two categories viz. monocots and dicots. In monocots, seed has only one cotyledon while in dicots, seed has two cotyledons.

The key comparisons of these two groups are as follows:

  • The roots of monocots are lesser developed in comparison to dicots.
  • The petals in flowers of monocots are 3 or multiples of 3. The petals in flowers of dicots are four or five; it’s their multiples.
  • No secondary growth is found in monocots because their vascular tissue has no cambium. Secondary growth is found only in dicot plants.
  • Examples of monocots include grasses, bamboo, sugarcane, cereals, bananas, palms, lilies, orchids etc. Examples of Dicots include all the hardwood tree species, pulses and the most fruits, vegetables, species beverage crops and ornamental flowering plants.


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