Didarganj Yakshini

One of the finest examples of popular Mauryan Sculpture is the Yakshi figure from Didarganj, Patna. This is a tall, well built, well-proportioned, free-standing sculpture in sandstone with a polished surface, reflecting the sophistication in the treatment of form and medium.

The Yakshini holds a chauri (flywhisk) in the right hand whereas the left hand is broken. The image shows sculptor’s sensitivity towards the round muscular female human body. Folds of muscles are properly rendered. The tightening of garment around the belly creates the effect of a bulging belly. The lower garment has been rendered with great care. Every fold of the garment on the legs is shown by protruding lines clinging to the legs, which create somewhat transparent effect. Heaviness in the torso is depicted by heavy breasts and impressive back.

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