Deccan Policy of Shah Jahan

During his early age, Prince Khurram was able to muster his strength in Deccan. It was Deccan that Aurangzeb, fourth son of prince Khurram and Mumtaj Mahal rose like a serpent and devoured the throne of Delhi.

We have seen that the later wars of Jahangir were fought by prince Khurram, similarly, the later wars of Shah Jahan were fought by Aurangzeb.

Akbar had been able to annex only a part of the Deccan including Khandesh and Berar. But he had not conquered any of the 4 Kingdoms which were derived out of the Bahamni Kingdom. These 4 Kingdoms were:

  1. Nizam Shahs of Ahamednagar
  2. Adil Shah of Bijapur
  3. Kutub Shah of Golkonda
  4. Barid Shah of Bidar.

However, the fourth Barid Shah dynasty had got extinct. The Nizam Shahs of Ahamednagar were right on the Deccan frontiers of the Mughals, repeatedly attacked but it was saved by an able general Malik Ambar.

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