Crime Free Zones between India and Bangladesh

In March, 2018, the director generals of the Border Security Force (BSF) and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) declared an 8.3 km stretch of the Indo-Bangladesh border as a ‘crime-free zone’.

This will aid in better border management as:

  • It envisages the participation of civil administrations of the two countries, NGOs and the local population. This will help in ensuring that no crime takes place along the stretch. Thus providing for an inclusive approach in border management.
  • Often the offences have extra-territorial implications. Joint effort by the forces of both the countries will aid in better tackling of the crimes.
  • Will aid in preventing menaces along the border like smuggling and infiltration in a comprehensive way.
  • Bridge the trust deficit between the people and border security forces. This will aid in better intelligence collection to prevent the criminal activities.
  • It will enhance the accountability of the border security forces as people, NGOs and local administration are actively engaged.

Indo-Bangladesh border has high vulberabilities due to unscientific demarcation during the colonial rule. These vulnerabilities were often exploited by terrorists, smuggling agents. “Crime free zones” along the International border will aid in better border management and can also contribute for the social and economic welfare of the border areas. [TOI]

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