Change in Posting Schedule

Dear Readers,
I have been continuously receiving suggestions from my esteemed readers to develop and improve this site.
The material which is being posted at present in this site is as follows:
Conventional subjects Daily Quiz : 20 X 22 days =440 questions per month (approximately)
Current Affairs : 20 X 4days = 80 (Sunday quiz) + 50 X 2=100 Total : 180 questions per month. (approximately)
So the ratio of Conventional subjects to current affairs is 2.66:1.

Many of my regular readers wish if this could be a reverse ratio or something near to 50:50. So accordingly I have decided to make some changes in my daily posting schedule.

Now onwards I shall publish quizzes on current affairs on Sunday, Wednesday & Friday and each quiz will comprise 25 questions. Apart from this there will be two mega quizzes on 1st and 15th of each month comprising 50 questions each.
Quizzes on Indian History, Geography, Polity,General Science & Constitution etc. shall be of 25 questions which will be covered on 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)

So the monthly figures we arrive are :
Conventional Subjects : 16 days X25 questions =400 questions with compendium per month
Current Affairs : 12 days X 25 questions= 300 + 2 days X 50 questions (mega Quizzes)=400 questions per month

I feel that 800 questions per month (approximately) with short notes compendium shall be enough material for my readers to supplement their studies.

I am also cooking up something more than this, which I will share with you very soon…

Your suggestions are welcome…

please send ur suggestions on [email protected]
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  • jaithri

    Thank you.This will really help us for Banking exams too.i want to know things like the India's FDI,its rate of economic growth acc. to ADB and world Bank,contribution of different sectors(Agri,service ,..)to India's GDP,its fiscal deficit and so on, ..for the FY 2008-09.Will you provide the information of these or could you suggest me the website to go thru,As these are being given preference in the banking exams.