Chaliha Festival

The Chaliha is an important festival celebrated by the Sindhis wherein they pray to their God, Jhulelal. A special ‘jyot’ that is believed to have protected the Sindhi people and their culture during the ancient times, from around 1897 AD, was brought from the Puj Chalihasahib Mandir Peergoath in Sindh by the Sindhis to India during partition in 1947. This Akhand jyot was then placed in the Chaliha Sahib Puj Jhulelal Mandir in Ulhasnagar. To this date, the jyot is kept lit in a structure similar to the one in Sindh. It is here that Sindhis from all over the country come to worship Jhulelal and offer their prayers during the festival. It is customary to also go on a 40 day fast during the festival.

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