Central Road Research Institute (CRRI)

Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) is located in Delhi. This institute was established in 1952 as a laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR). It is a Research and Development(R&D) unit which develops technology related to road construction, safer and durable roads. It also does R&D in the field of road transportation, highway traffic management, transport planning and all related services like bridges, underpasses etc. Its research and development are important to build a durable and effective road network throughout the country as roads are like the blood vessels of the country and affect the scop-economic as well as the technological progress of a nation.

CRRI also conducts training and development programmes which are developed for various types of professionals. More that 25,000 highway engineers who are in service have been trained by the CRRI till now.

Other Activities of CRRI

CRRI is actively involved in various activities like arranging the

  • Transportation of mega and medium urban areas
  • Administration of streets in various landscapes
  • Change of peripheral materials
  • use of modern waste in street development
  • ground enhancements natural contamination
  • avalanche control

This institute also provides consultancy services to various clients in India and abroad. Its major clients are several ministries and organizations such as Border Roads Organisation(BRO); E-in-C’s Branch, Ministry of Defence; Central Public Works Department(CPWD); Private Sector Industries; Public Works Departments of States and Union Territories; Airport Authority of India; Road Research Laboratories of State PWDs; Municipal Corporationsl Town Planning Departmentsl Urban Development Authorities; Public Sector Undertakings; Traffic Police Departments; Private Consultants and Individuals etc.

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