Central Plan Assistance

Budgetary help was given by Government of India to bolster State’s Five-Year / interceding yearly arranges is called Central Plan Assistance (CPA) or Central Assistance (CA). This term has lost relevance now as the difference between plan and non-plan expenditures has been done away with.

Categories of CPA

Normal Central Assistance (NCA)
  • The conveyance of the NCA is equation based on (Gadgil-Mukherjee Formula) and is unfastened. Gadgil Formula of deciding the Central Assistance to the State is being received from the fourth five-year arrange and changed hence.
  • Arranging Commission makes the allotment and Ministry of Finance, discharge the assets in 12 Monthly Instalments. M/o Finance Department of Expenditure. The grant ratio is 100% in NCA.
Additional Central Assistance (ACA)
  • This is given to the execution of remotely helped ventures (EAPs), and for which by and by there is no roof. Dissimilar to NCA, this is Scheme based. The points of interest of such plans are given in Statement 16 of the Expenditure Budget Vol. I.
  • This assistance is recommended by the Ministry of Finance through the Department of Economic Affairs. And the mode of transfer of funds is the weekly basis as recommended by the MoF.
Special Central Assistance (SCA)
  • It is accommodated uncommon activities/programs e.g., Western Ghats Development Program (WGDP), Border Areas Development Program and so forth. (In uncommon circumstances, Advance Central Assistance may likewise be given.) This unique arrangement help is offered just to exceptional class states to conquer any hindrance between their Planning needs and assets. It is distributed in the pattern of Normal Central Assistance

CPA is given, according to the plan of financing material for particular purposes, affirmed by Planning Commission. It is discharged as awards or potentially credits in differing mixes, according to terms and conditions characterised by Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure.

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