Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure

The Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure was formed in 2009 under the then Prime Minister. It was a replacement of Committee on Infrastructure which was formed back in 2004. CCI was as a standing committee which was formed with the primary goal to fast track the implementation of key infrastructure projects and help in conflict resolution if any arises.

Objective and Role of Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure:
  • Focused and speedy decisions in matters related to key infrastructure projects.
  • Taking decisions to remove blockages in the implementation of projects like airports, highways, irrigation, power generation and likewise.
  • It was decided that all the projects which had a cost of at least Rs 3 million will be considered and taken care of by the Cabinet committee on infrastructure.
  • It is responsible for deciding the fiscals, legal, institutional measures which require modification for better implementation of the policy
  • It sets the performance targets for all the infrastructure projects under it.
  • It has the job to review the progress and also considers the cases of cost inflation and the possible solution of them.
  • Granting permits so that private sector companies can also invest in various infrastructure projects.
Sectors which come under Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure:
  • National Highways
  • Information Technology
  • Irrigation
  • Facilities for urban slums
  • Seaports
  • Inland waterways
  • Airports
  • Railways
  • Power generation plants
  • Housing in rural as well as urban areas


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