Buddha’s Teachings

Four Noble Truths:

Four noble truths were taught by Buddha in Dhammachakraparivartan. They are the core teachings of Buddhism.

  1. Dukkha or “Sorrow” : The world is full of sorrow and everything from birth to death brings sorrows in life.
  2. Dukkha Samudaya or Cause of Sorrow : The cause of sorrows is desire. It is the un-fulfillment of human desires which leads him to the vicious cycle of births and rebirths.
  3. Dukkha Nirodha or Prevention of Sorrow: It is possible to prevent sorrow. Man can get rid of sorrow by triumphing over the desires.
  4. Dukkha Nirodha Gamini Patipada Magga or The path of Prevention of Sorrow: Man can avoid Dukkha by avoiding extremes of life and following middle path or Madhyam Patipada. The life of moderation and self control along with pursuance of 8 fold path is essential to prevent the Dukkha.


Eight Fold Path or Astangika marg:

The eight fold path was recommended to eliminate the human misery. It basically comprises of 3 basic divisions of Wisdom (Pragya Skanda), Ethical Conduct (Sheel Skanda) And Concentration (Samadhi Skanda). Following table represents the eight fold path:



Concept of Nirvana:

The concept of Nirvana in Buddhism is entirely different from the Hinduism. Buddhism denied the concept of Moksha, however it defines Nirvana has to getting rid of Cycle of Death and birth. It is achieved in the lifetime itself and not after death. To achieve nirvana one should follow moral code of Conduct.

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