Bhoomi Rashi Portal

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recently claimed that the portal has significantly expedited the land acquisition process for National Highways development.

Land Acquisition

For the construction of national highways, land acquisition is an important step. It starts after the approval of alignment plans and the land acquisition plans. The process starts with the appointment of a CALA (competent authority for land acquisition). It concludes with the authority taking physical possession of the land and compensation disbursal.

About the Portal

The Bhoomi Rashi portal was developed by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and launched in 2018. It was introduced as a single point platform to expedite the land acquisition process. It is an online system that links authorities to eliminate the need for physical copies of documents, errors and mistakes while enabling easy tracking of draft notifications.

Features of the Portal

Some of the features of the portal are:

  • Bilingual (both English and Hindi are used in the application).
  • Interface for adding project basic details such as sanction details.
  • Interface for acquisition locations i.e. villages
  • Interface for CALA details
  • Interface for generating acquisition notification
  • Interface for land details
  • Interface for objections and processing
  • Interface for compensation determination and finalization
  • Web service for getting payment status and beneficiary validation from Public Financial Management System (PFMS) platform of the finance ministry
  • Interface for land owners and affected parties
  • Interface for reports generation


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