Beema Bamboo

Beema Bamboo is a thornless bamboo, which acts as a Carbon Sink and absorbs excess Carbon-di-oxide in the air three to four times than other trees. Obviously, it is eco-friendly and absorbs 400 to 500 Kg of Carbon-di-oxide every year and grows five times faster than other spices of Bamboo. This means that it is an excellent plant for Carbon sequestrian.

This cloned Bamboo is a superior clone, selected from Bambusa balcooa, a higher Biomass yielding Bamboo spices. It is thornless, sterile, fast growing and High yilding superior bamboo. It can grow in the field for more than hundred years without need for replanting. If it is managed as per the Silvicultural methods it will higher Biomass on sustainable basis. Soil, water requirement and climatic conditions are similar as sugarcane crop, but the BEEMA BAMBOO has the following advantages over sugarcane:

  • Its cultivation requires less cultural operation and hence the labor requirement is less.
  • As biomass, it has higher energy value (4,000 kCal/kg) than bagasse
  • It does not require replanting for several decades and keeps on growing as long as water and nutrients are provided
  • It can grow in degraded soil, while sugarcane cannot
  • It is relatively free from pest and diseases as compared to sugarcane
  • It produces higher biomass of over 4 to 5 times as compared to sugarcane
  • The biomass of one acre of BEEMA BAMBOO is equal to six acres of sugarcane bagasse
  • It has higher bulk density and lower ash as compared to sugarcane bagasse

A recent experiment by Infosys involved ‘Beema bamboo’ in which it was showed that it can power much of village India and at a really small cost. Beema bamboo, it appears, sequesters more carbon than any other type of bamboo, so even put one branch in a gasifier every day, and that’s enough to power one rural household’s basic energy needs.

(Inputs: and Financial Express)

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