Battle of Khanwa

Battle of Khanwa 1527

On March 16, 1527 the two armies met. Attack was launched by Rana Sanga. A combined Rajput confederacy fought the Mughal in the Battle of Khanwa, but the Mughal artillery wreaked havoc in the Rajputs closed ranks.

The Canons did the fearful execution. The cannon fire was new to the Rajputs and this caused the elephants in the Rajput army to stampede. Rajputs went ahead stuffed themselves in the mouth of the cannons to silence them. The maximum loss was caused by Mughal Cavalry and later Rajputs started perishing, fled in every direction.

The great Rajput army soon disintegrated into the disordered crowd and their gallantry was turned into massacre.

The Rajput chiefs fell and the fallen Rajput chiefs were beheaded and their heads were rose in ghastly tower erected by the victor. Babur had a passion of making towers out of the heads of infidels.

End of Hindupat

Rana Sanga fled from the battle, wounded, assisted by Rao Maldev. He vowed that unless he defeats Babur, he will not return to Chittor. In a fear that Rana was pushing the Rajputs to another battle, his own Knights poisoned him, and this was the end of “Hindupat” who was once thought to establish the Hindu rule in India. The battle was so awful for the Rajputs that all the remaining kingdoms fell one by one without much resistance.

  • Rana Sanga was the last Hindu king, who tried to establish Hindu Rule in India and all castes of Rajputs made a Rajput confederacy under him.
  • The battle of Khanwa was a decisive battle which established Mughal rule in India.
  • In Baburnama, Babur writes that Rana Sanga was treacherous.
  • Rana Sanga was having 80 wounds on his body.
  • Babur assumed the title “Ghazi” after this battle.

Babur was now almost undisputed emperor of Delhi. The Rajputs were now not a problem. In 1529, Muhammad Lodi, brother of Ibrahim, who was the last Lodi claimant of the Delhi Throne, was defeated at the Battle of Ghaghra.

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