Battle of Haldi Ghati

Battle of Haldi Ghati 1576

This culminated in Battle of Haldi Ghati on June 21, 1576. It was a decisive victory for Akbar’s chieftain Man Singh.

  • Battle of Haldighati was called Battle of Thermopylae of Rajasthan by Col. Todd.
  • Abul Fazal called this war as “Battle of Khamnaur”
  • Badayuni called this war as “Battle of Gogunda”

After this battle Rana Pratap continued Guerilla warfare against Akbar. His Son Amar Singh fought 17 wars with the Mughals but he conditionally accepted them as rulers in 1615. This was the terminating end of Freedom of Mewar. Other Conquests of Akbar, made him the undisputable King of most of the Northern India.

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