Bali Action Plan

Bali Action Plan or Bali Roadmap was adopted after the 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-13/ MOP-3) on the island Bali in Indonesia in December, 2007. This was a two-year process to finalizing a binding agreement in 2009 in Copenhagen.

The important parts were:

  1. An Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol negotiations
  2. Launch of the Climate Adaptation Fund
  3. Review of the scope and content of the Article 9 of Kyoto Protocol to make decisions on technology transfer and on reducing emissions from deforestation.

Negotiations are currently underway to determine the quantified emission reduction targets of the Parties to Kyoto protocol for the second commitment period beginning from 2013 and also define the targets of emission reduction for US, comparable with other Kyoto Parties, in pursuance of Bali Action Plan.

According to the Bali Road Map, a framework for climate change mitigation beyond 2012 was to be agreed there in the COP 15 at Copenhagen Summit, in 2009. However, an agreement was not reached in the same conference nor in the COP 16 at Mexico.

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