Bal Diwas Awards 2009

The awards are presented every year to the children between the age group 4-15 years for their exceptional achievements in various fields including academics, art, culture and sports etc. Awards include one Gold Medal with cash prize of Rs.20, 000 and a citation and 24 Silver Medal with cash prize Rs.10, 000 and a citation.

The Gold Medal was presented to Ms. Shruthi S, Karnataka for exceptional skill in drawing and painting.

Silver Medal winners are :

  1. Dhruv, Uttar Pradesh is a keyboard player who plays Hindustani Classical music and creates original compositions based on the ragas.
  2. Jishnu P Raj, Kerala has shown excellence in the field of art. He has got many prizes for his outstanding drawings and paintings.
  3. Hiteshwar Singh, Jammu has excelled in roller-skating, roller hockey and Roll Ball.
  4. Khangjrakpam Arjun, Manipur , at the age of 14 years has became the youngest mountaineer to conquer Mt. Banderpunch peak.
  5. Akankhya Kabi, Orissa is a multi talented child who has excelled in the Odissi and Chess .
  6. Sinku Kumar Verma, Jharkhand has remarkable achievements Kumar in Taekwondo
  7. Rinku Gahlawat,Haryana is a Karate champion par excellence.
  8. Oshin Johari, Madhya Pradesh participated in ‘Destination NASA Knowledge Challenge 2008’ and has been selected among the top finalists.
  9. Simran Sandeep Gawli, Maharastra has won the title of ‘World Champion’ in the ‘Abacus Arithmetical Competition’
  10. Bansi Prathima Muthyala, Andhra Pradesh, has won Gold medals in ‘World Youth Chess Championships.
  11. Poorva Agrawal, Chhattisgarh is a multi talented child with achievements in the fields of academics, swimming, karate, elocution, instrument playing,
  12. Kartik Sawhne, Delhi. Despite being visually challenged, he is a recipient of many awards and prizes at national and international levels.
  13. Barzin Cyrus from Gujarat is an expert player of the synthesizer and can play two of the instruments together with great speed.
  14. Sri Krishna Mahata from West Bengal, physically challenged, Krishna has various achievements to his credit which encompass the diverse fields of Art and sport
  15. Shruti Parthasarathy from Andaman Nicobar is one of the youngest certified Scuba divers in India.
  16. Sakshi from Bihar is a brilliant Kathak dancer. Aasthajita Nanda Bordoloi from Assam has displayed an exceptional talent for singing.
  17. A. M. Anand from Karnataka is a little genius in mathematics.
  18. Urvi Manocha from Punjab is a Kathak dancer actively contributing towards creating awareness for welfare of elderly persons through Helpage India.
  19. Cyrus Carmo Pereira from Goa has made remarkable achievements in Chess.
  20. Akash Mohan Saxena from Rajasthan has unusual talent in the fields of Cartooning and Robotics.
  21. Bhavdeep Singh Sachdeva from Chandigarh has represented the country in the 4th Junior World Cup (Roller Hockey) held in Italy in 2009.
  22. Abhilash M from Pondicherry has shown exceptional brilliance in multidimensional fields.
  23. E.T. Poonkuzhali from Tamilnadu, had won the Aloha Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition held in Malaysia