August 24, 2009: UNIDO will launch projects worth 9 million dollars to benefit Indian Industry

What is UNIDO?
The United Nations Industrial Development Organization is a specialized agency in the United Nations system, headquartered in Vienna, Austria. The Organization’s primary objective is the promotion and acceleration of industrial development in developing countries and countries with economies in transition and the promotion of international industrial cooperation.

Recently Agreements were signed by Ajay Shankar, Secretary of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) at Vienna with UNIDO Director-General Dr. Kandeh K. Yumkella.

What this agreement is about?
UNIDO will launch new industrial projects in India worth approximately 9 Million Dollars.The Integrated Cluster Development Programme (ICDP) of DIPP wherein clusters which received infrastructure interventions under its prestigious Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Scheme (IIUS) were targeted for Technological Interventions through Technical Cooperation services of UNIDO.

What is the Cluster programme?
The cluster programme combines projects that will help improve resource productivity and environmental performance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in particular in automotive components, leather and chemical sectors. They will focus on enhanced market access for small and medium sized automotive component manufacturers in Indian auto-clusters. They will also enable local leather-based industry to sustain conversion of locally available raw hides and skins into exportable products either directly as genuine leather or as derived finished products – for example, footwear.

Which Clusters are Selected ?

  1. auto-components at Pithampura (Madhya Pradesh), Chennai and Pune
  2. machine tools at Bangalore
  3. foundry at Belgaum (Karnataka) and Coimbatore
  4. chemicals at Ankhleswar (Gujarat)
  5. leather at Kanpur.

Apart from this 5.9 million dollars ICDP for India will focus on technology, management, skill development and the environment.

What is the deadline of Implementation?
It will be implemented by 2014 at sites in Pithampura, Chennai, Pune, Ankhleswar, Kanpur and New Delhi, matching the specific needs of each industrial location.

What this Program will offer?
The programme will offer turnkey solutions to each of the identified clusters to help them address technology, quality or environmental constraints, encompassing a comprehensive package of services – ranging from energy efficiency and water conservation to cleaner production and lean manufacturing.

What are the objectives?
Lowering the consumption of energy, raw materials and water in industry
reducing the waste and pollution intensity of enterprises
improving the productivity of industries, leading to enhanced competitiveness – these are the essential underpinnings of the Integrated Cluster Development Programme. Through this flagship programme, the project will avail UNIDO’s expertise in the key areas to achieve the vision of a green Industry.

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