Atal New India Challenge

Niti Ayog has launched Atal New India Challenge under Atal Innovation mission. It can give boost to the innovation as its structure gives thrust to support innovative ideas and also aims to transform them to commercially viable ideas.

The components of the New India challenge include:

  • Under the initiative grants of up to Rs 1 crore and mentorship will be given to the winning ideas.
  • In collaboration with five ministries, AIM will invite prospective innovators to design market-ready products, using cutting edge technologies across 17 identified focus areas such as Smart Mobility, Predictive Maintenance of Rolling Stock and Waste Management.
  • It aims to address various challenges haunting India. The Atal new India challenge aims to transform these challenges into opportunities. Thus providing for dual benefits of addressing challenges and scaling the innovations to make them commercially viable models.
  • Applicants showing capability, intent and potential to productise technologies will be awarded grants up to Rs 1 crore.
  • The grant will be further supplemented by mentoring, handholding, incubating and other support as needed at various stages of commercialisation, while generating wider deployment for the product.

Indian growing economy and diversity produces numerous opportunities. Atal new India challenge aims to bank on these opportunities to provide sustainable solutions to these challenges together with giving a boost to Innovation. [The Hindu]

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