The Astachap poetry and music is named after the eight musical acharyas or preceptors who composed the music of the Rudra Sampradaya or the Pushtimarga. It’s worth note that Vallabhacharya had propounded the Shudhadvaita Vedanta (pure non-dualism) or Pushtimarga (the road to grace). The cult was called Rudra Sampraday. The religious and musical procedures of the cult were systematized by Vallabhacharya’s son Goswami Vitthalnathji (1516-1698 AD). The four of the eight acharyas of Astachap were diciples of Vallabha while four other were diciples of Vallabha’s son Goswami Vitthalnathji. Legendary poet Surdas was also one of the diciples of Vallabhacharya. The impact of the cult was such that Miyan Tansen also came under its influence.

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