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We have started the related information links (Click To Know) in our recent quiz series. Since not all of our readers may be able to copy and remember the very important points hiding in the links , we have further decided to create a seperate archive of memorable points. This was suggested by some of our readers that these important points must be placed seperately somewhere in the web log.
India’s Largest Island Electrification Project:
BHEL has successfully commissioned two Grid Interactive Solar Power if 100 KWp each in Lakshadweep as a part of India`s largest Solar Power based Island Electrification Project in India.

Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary
The Wildlife Institute of India conducted a feasibility study for an alternate home for the Asiatic lion during 1993 at three potential sites, viz, Darrah-Jawahar Sagar (Rajasthan), Sitamata (Rajasthan) & Kuno Palpur (Madhya Pradesh). The study had identified Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary with an area of 344.686 Sq.Kms. as the best potential site for reintroduction of lions. Accordingly, in order to improve the habitat before the re-introduction of lions, various management interventions have been taken up in the Sanctuary, that included relocation of villages from the Sanctuary, strengthening protection, habitat improvement, etc. Please note this will come under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme – Development of National Parks and Sanctuaries and for this Central Government will help the state government for rehabilitation of 24 Revenue villages in Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary.

CONFONET is Computerization and Computer Networking of Consumer Fora in the country which was launched through National Informatics Centre (NIC) as a turnkey project during the Xth Plan. All Consumer Fora in the country are being computerized which would allow exchange and consumer to access the status of their cases. This scheme has been extended to XIth plan as well.

INS Arihant:
India`s first indigenously built nuclear propelled strategic submarine named `Arihant`, meaning `Destroyer of the Enemies`, was launched on July 26 at the Ship Building Center, Vishakhapatnam. India thus joined a select group of nations which have the technological capability to build and operate nuclear propelled submarines.

Larsemann Hills region
Recently the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the establishment of a permanent research base at Larsemann Hills region in East Antarctica during the XIth Five Year Plan period at a total cost of Rs.287 crore to meet the logistic and scientific objectives.
Varanasi Brocade
Brocade is a generic term used for any textile that is richly figured, especially for those with a pattern in gold or silver. In brocade weaving, extra weft threads of different colored silk or zari, metallic threads, are woven into the basic fabric in the areas where they are to form a pattern. The most beautiful and intricate patternic technique is the kadwa, a sort of loom embroidery. A special type of brocade, the gyasar, has also been woven since the 19th century for secular use in Buddhist areas like Bhutan and Ladakh. Kinkhab, Sangi & Galta, Fekwa, Mashru or the other techniques used in the Varanasi.

Baba Budan Hills
These are located in Karnataka along Bhadra River. There are iron, manganese, and limestone deposits. The most prominent is iron , besides presence of Bhadra hydropower project have made the site an ideal location for steelmaking and other industrial enterprises. The Bhadravati is the city which is now a planned and modern urban habitation.

First Oil Well :
First oil well was sunk in 1867 but it was not successful. The first successful Oil well sunk in India was digboi in Assam in 1889.

Tachometers and More:
Tachometer is used to determine the rotational speed of a shaft, Tacheometer is used to measure distances, elevations, and bearings and usually used in surveys, The salinity of solutions can be measures using salinometer, PH meter is used to judge the acidity and alkaline nature, Pyrheliometer is used to measure components of solar radiations.

Mount Everest Routes:
Southeast ridge & North east ridge are climbing routes to Mount Everest. Southeast ridge begins on the south side of Everest in Nepal while North East ridge begins from north side of Everest from Tibet. Please note that Of the two main routes, the southeast ridge is technically easier and is the more frequently-used route. It was the route used by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. The same was used by First Indian woman (fifth woman in world) Bachendri Pal to scale Mount Everest on May 23, 1984. The leader of this group in which Bachedri Pal created the record was led by DS Khullar and Dorjee Lhatoo & Sherpa Sardar Ang Dorjee were other male members of the group.

G6 to G8:
France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States made G6 in 1975. In 1976, Canada joined the group (thus creating the G7). In becoming the G8, the group added Russia in 1997.

First Ever Youth Olympics:
Singapore will host first ever summer Youth Olympics in 2010 Innsbruck in Austria will hold winter Olympics in 2012.

National Housing Bank :
Established under National Housing Bank Act, 1987 and is a subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India

NavNirman II :
Nav Nirman was a similar meeting in November 2006 at Amby Valley near Mumbai, and it was the first attempt at revamping the UBI`s operations. The aspiration drawn at that meet was to become the third-largest public sector bank in the country by 2012, up from the seventh. NavNirman II is second attempt in this regard.

Original Concept of GST:
The concept of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the present form had come to India in a formal manner in the July 2004 Report of the Task Force on Implementation of Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act of the Ministry of Finance. The chairman of this Task Force was Vijay Kelkar. The Report came out even before April 2005 when the state Value Added Tax (VAT) was introduced all over India, except in a few states. However another version has come up in 2009.

Tulsi Tanti:
Suzlon, set up in 1995 by Tulsi Tanti and now the world’s third-largest wind energy company,

First Aerospace SEZ of India:
The SEZ situated at Hattaragi, 37 km from Belgaum, in Karnataka is promoted by Quest Global, an aerospace engineering and manufacturing company. The SEZ houses an engineering services facility, a precision machining unit and Aerospace Processing India, a joint venture between Quest and Magellan, a processing facility, which is critical for the industry.

Joint Liability Groups:
A JLG is an informal group comprising preferably of four to ten individuals coming together for the purpose of availing bank loan, either singly or through the group mechanism against mutual guarantee

T3 :
Once T3 at Indira Gandhi National Air Port starts operations before the 2010 Commonwealth Games in October, It will become world’s second largest terminal.


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