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What is a “Casting Vote in India Politics?
What is “Cultural Revolution of China”?
What is the ” Concept of Total Revolution” in Indian Politics?
What is the size range of study in ” Nano Technology”?
What is Open market Operation of RBI?
What is the main objective of Public Procurement and Distribution?
What is Per Capita Income?
What is Token Privitisation” ?
What was the aim of Narasimham Committee?
What was Sarkaria Commission?
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What are State Finance Commissions?
What are Functions of State Finance Commissions?
Which sectors get Funds granted by State Finance Commission?
In which state State Finance Commissions have been set up till now?
What is Financial Emergency Under Article 360?
What is Falcon?
What is COBE?
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Bannerghatta National Park:
Butterfly Park
Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio
V. S. Naipaul
Henry Alfred Kissinger
Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre
Living History
The Vyas Samman
Saraswati Samman
Acharya Tulsi Samman
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India & Spain :
Tech Mahindra 4th largest IT company
Some TRAI Datas
Global Political Risk Index
Templton Prize
China is Top in Mushrooms Production:
Indus Water Treaty
Spaceport of New Mexico:
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The Bretton Woods
Economies of Scale
Blood Groups
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How a Chief Election Commissionar be Removed?
Can Preamble of Indian Constitution be amended?
What is the procedure of constitutional amendments?
What are categories of Fundamental Rights?
What is suspension of Fundamental Rights?
What is a Writ and what are Types of writs?
What is meaning of Judicial Review?
What are Directive Principles of State Policy ?
What are Fundamental Duties?
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What was ” Bhottavisti” in Ancient Times?
Who was jall-ud-din Firoz?
What is most appreciated thing about Indians (Hindus particularly ) by Alberuni in his book Kitab-ul-Hind?
Albuqurque acquired Goa in which year and from whom?
Ali Brothers were associated with which movement?
Who among Ajatshatru, Anirudha, Bimbisara & Munda killed their father (patricides)?
Name some Muslim scholars who rendered Mahabharata in Persian?
Which rajput ruler didn’t acknowledge the Mughal sway in second half of 16th century?
Among Razia, Balban, Iltutmish and Qutubuddin aibak who were the purchased slaves?
Devendra nath Tagore, Keshab Chandra Sen and Akshaya Kumar Datta were related to which samaj?
Who were the other great kings of the world contemporary of Akbar the Great ?
Among Bharhut, Mathura, Sanchi , and Amravati in which sculptural evidence regarding the first representation of the Budhdha in human form has come ?
One of the sons of Shanhjahan translated Atharvaveda. What was his name?
A group of Industrialist had started anti-non-cooperation association in 1920. Who were main industrialists in that group?
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What is Sangam Literature?
2. What was “Jital” in Medieval India?
3. Who propounded “Theory of Economic Drain from England to England”?
4. What was “Practice of Sijda” ?
5. What were ” Kayoris” at the time of Akbar?
6. What were Ala-ud-din’s series of regulations to prevent the nobles from conspiring against him?
7. What was Day of Deliverance celebrated by Muslim League?
8. What is “Turning the Wheel of Law?
9. What was Ryotwari system?
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First Modern Olympics
Battle of Buxar
Treaty of Allahabad:
Battle of Wandiwash
Magna Carta
Statue of Liberty
Making Goa As part of India’s State
Battle of Panipat
Chauri Chaura & Swaraj Party
Salt Satyagraha
Poona Pact
Communal Award
The States Reorganisation of 1956
Arrest of Bal gangadhar Tilak
Books on Gandhi
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Nebular Hypothesis
New Moore Island
Ocean Currents
National Diet of Japan
Cortes Generales (Spain)
People’s Daily (China)
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Hydrophobia or Rabies
Food Chains
Genetic Codes
Tocopherol or Vitamin E
Phytohormones : Abscisic acid, Gibberellins, auxins, Cytokinins, Ethylene
ECG: Electrocardiography
EEG: Electroencephalography
MRI : Magnetic Resonance Imaging
CT : Computed tomography
ATP : Adenosine triphosphate
ACTH : Adrenocorticotropic hormone
Pollen Tube:
Mitosis & Meiosis:
Difference between RNA and DNA
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