Akbar-Rajput Policy : Rana Pratap

Akbar-Rajput Policy : Rana Pratap

Rana Pratap never accepted Akbar as ruler of India, and fought Akbar all his life. Akbar first tried diplomacy to win over Maharana Pratap but nothing worked. Pratap maintained that he had no intention to fight with Akbar but he could not bow down to Akbar and accept him as the ruler.

  • Pratap stopped the marriage etiquette of Rajputs who had been giving their daughters to Mughals.
  • Chittor was under Mughal and Pratap was a king without capital.

Almost all of Pratap’s fellow Rajput chiefs had entered into the allegiance with Mughals. Pratap’s brothers, Shakti Singh and Sagar Singh, were also serving Akbar. Many Rajput chiefs, such as Raja Man Singh of Amber were serving as army commanders in Akbar’s armies and members of his council. Akbar sent a total of six diplomatic missions to Pratap, seeking to negotiate the same sort of peaceful alliance that he had concluded with the other Rajput chiefs. Pratap roundly rebuffed every such attempt displaying his self-respect and honor. The inevitable consequence was Battle of Haldi Ghati.

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