Abolition of Jazia by Akbar

Abolition of Jazia

The immediate result with alliance with the Rajput princes Jodha was that in 1562 Jazia, the tax which the victorious followers of prophet charged upon the infidels was abolished. Next in line was abolition of the tax on Hindu Pilgrims, on the base that there should be no obstacles in the way of Man’s service to the God.

  • The detested Jazia and the pilgrim tax thus abolished during the time of Akbar were reemployed only during the times of Aurangzeb, uprooting the judicious system imposed by his great grandfather.

But Akbar did not hesitate in interfering in the Hindu practices that offended the sense of humanity – such as Child marriage, animal sacrifice, permission to widows to remarry etc. He was against the burning of widows, though, abolishing sati wholly was beyond his power.