Abbreviations R

RBA Reserve Bank of Australia
RBIA Risk-Based Internal Audit
RBS Risk-Based Supervision
RCPS Redeemable Cumulative Preference Shares
RCS Registrar of Cooperative Societies
RDA Rupee Drawing Arrangement
REGP Rural Employment Generation Programme
RFA Revolving Fund Assistance
RIDF Rural Infrastructural Development Fund
RML Reverse Mortgage Loan
RNBC Residuary Non-Banking Company
RNCPS Redeemable Non-Cumulative Preference Shares
RoA Return on Assets
ROC Registrar of Companies
ROE Return on Equity
RRB Regional Rural Bank
RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement System
RIDF : Rural Infrasture Development Fund
RLEGP: Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Fund
RRB : Regional Rural Banks