63,000 MW by 2032 is the target of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited

India has recently approved 8 sites (a total of 15 plants in 8 sites more precisely) for new nuclear power plants. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited has set a target of 63,000 MW of atomic energy over the next 25 years, (to be achieved by 2032). The target is to be achieved through a mixture of indigenous technology and foreign collaboration.

The 8 sites are Kumharia in Haryana, Kakrapar and Chchaya in Gujarat, Kovvada in Andhra Pradesh, Haripur in West Bengal, Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu and Jaitapur in Maharashtra.

These units will account for an additional generation of over 50,000 MW of power and add to the current installed capacity is 4,120 MW from 17 plants.
The 17 plants are as follows:
  • Kaiga, Karnataka 3 Units X 220=660 MW
  • Kakrapar, Gujarat 2 Units X 220=440 MW
  • Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu 2 Units X 220= 440 MW
  • Narora, Uttar Pradesh 2 Units X 220=440 MW
  • Rawatbhata , Rajasthan 100 x 1, 200 x 1, 220 x 2 =740 MW
  • Tarapur, Maharastra BWR 160 x 2, 540 x 2 =1400 MW

Total 4120 MW

  • France’s Areva will build a 1,650-MW unit at Jaitapur
  • Russians will get land in West Bengal for another project
  • Two American firms, General Electric and Westinghouse, are to be give land in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.

Some more facts about NPCIL:

  1. NPCIL is the only power utility company in India which uses nuclear fuel sources.
  2. It is wholly owned by the Union Government and is responsible for the generation of nuclear power for electricity.
  3. NPCIL is administered by the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), part of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  4. It was established in 1987 under Companies Act 1956 with the objective of undertaking the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the atomic power stations for generation of electricity in pursuance of the schemes and programmes of the Government of India under the provision of the Atomic Energy Act 1962.
  5. All nuclear power plants operated by the company are certified for ISO-14001 (Environment Management System).
  6. Current Chairman : SK Jain
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