What cargo did a special parcel train from South Central Railway recently carry from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh to Benapole in Bangladesh?

Answer: Red Chillies In July, 2020, the South Central Railway sent a special parcel train for the first time, to transport chillies from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh to Benapole in Bangladesh. Guntur region of Andhra Pradesh is known for cultivation of internationally renowned Chillies. The transport of Chillies by Train led to around 40% reduction ..

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Ramniklal Ambani passed away recently. What brand of Reliance is named after his son?

Answer: Vimal Ramniklal Hirachand Ambani was the eldest brother of the late Dhirubhai Ambani. He recently passed away at 95. He was a founding member of Reliance Industries and was instrumental in founding the Vimal textile plant in Naroda. The Vimal brand is named after his son Vimal Ambani.

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