Indo-Greeks and Kushanas General Knowledge Questions


Which among the following were the scholars in the Court of Kanishka-I?
[A]Vasumitra, Asvaghosa and Parsva
[B]Nagarjuna, Charaka and Mathara
[C]Charaka, Vasumitra and Asvaghosa
[D]All of the above

All of the above
The great scholars in the Court of Kanishka I were Asvaghosa (the Buddhist poet), Nagarjuna (the philosopher), Samgharaksha (the chaplain), Mathara (the politician), Vasumitra (the Buddhist scholar), Charaka (the physician) and Agisala (the engineer).


The Sakas introduced Satrap system of government along with whom?

The Sakas introduced Satrap system of government along with Parthians that was similar to that of the Achaemenid and Seleucid systems in Iran. Under this system, the kingdom was divided into provinces each under military governor Mahakshatrapa (great satrap). The governors of lower status were called kshatrapas (satraps). These governors had the power to issue their own inscriptions and mint their own coins.


Which Saka ruler was responsible for important irrigation works in Saurashtra?

The Saka ruler, Rudradraman was responsible for important irrigation works in Saurashtra. His military achievements, his territories and his many personal qualities are highlighted in the famous Junagadh inscription, written in 150 AD. It is the first major inscription to be written in sanskrit.


Which of the following passes was used by Sakas to come to India?
[A]Bolan Pass
[B]Nathu La Pass
[C]Shipki La Pass
[D]Bara-lacha la Pass

Bolan Pass
The Sakas came to India through the Bolan Pass. They were a Scythian tribe or group of tribes of Iranian origin.


Who overthrew Saka rulers from India?
[A]Gautami putra Satakarni

Gautami putra Satakarni
The sakas were finally overthrown by Gautamiputra Satakarni, the ruler of Satavahana dynasty. He killed Saka ruler Nahapana and his governor Rishavadatta and restored his territories.


Who composed Buddhacharita?
[A]Kanishka I
[B]Kanishka II

Asvaghosha, a poet in the court of Kaniska I, composed biography of Buddha (Buddhacharita). He was the first dramatist who used Sanskrit in composing the plays.


Who was the court physician during the reign of Kanishka-I?

Charak was the court physician of Kanishka I. He was one of the principal contributors to the ancient art and science of Ayurveda, a system of medicine and lifestyle developed in Ancient India. He is sometimes referred to as the Father of Indian Medicine.


Which of the following was main capital of Kushana king Kanishka-I?

The capital of Kanishka I was at Purushapura (modern Peshawar) and regional capitals were Taxila (Pakistan), Begram (Afghanistan) and Mathura (India).


Who among the following introduced Shaka era?

Kushana emperor Kanishka is credited with the initiation of the Saka era on his accession to the throne in 78 A D.


Who was the first ruler of Kushana dynasty to issue gold coins in India?
[A]Vima Kadphises
[D]Kujula Kadphises

Vima Kadphises
The famous ruler of Kushana Empire, Vima Kadphises is best known for issuing large number of Gold Coins. He is known to have maintained the Silk Route and trade with all sides including the China, Alexandria and Roman Empire.