Yemen signs ceasefire agreement with rebels

Yemenese President Abdurabu Hadi along with representative of the major political parties have signed a ceasefire agreement with the Houthi rebels. The ceasefire will peace to the disturbed region. The deal which was brokered by UN will put an end to the conflict and protests led by the Houthi faction which had brought life in Yemen to an absolute halt and standstill. “The document calls for an immediate ceasefire and ending all forms of violence,” the written statement said. “It also calls for the formation of a technocratic national government, which will work to enhance government transparency, implement economic reforms, in addition to continuing military and security reforms.”
The death toll in the month long unrest has claimed about 200 lives mostly of soldiers and civilians. There are hundreds of people who are injured. Prime Minister Basindwa has voluntarily stepped down meeting the demands of the militants for changes in the government. Zakaria Al Shami, a senior Houthi leader has reportedly said that they will continue to support Hadi to lead the nation.
The rebels who had camped around the capital Sanaa, had been rallying for almost a month, demanding oil subsidy reform be revoked and that the government should step down. They had refused to remove their tents from Sanaa and surrounding areas till their demands were met. Houthis who belonged to the Zaidi sect of Islam had actually gathered many of their supporters to fight for their cause.
Last week many Houthis had attacked the television headquarters by heavy artillery and by burning down two main buildings to capture the premises.