Worst Locust Attack in 60 years in Rajasthan

Crops across 10 districts with an area of approx 3.6 lakh hectares in the western region of Rajasthan have been damaged due to the continuous and the worst locust attack in the last 60 years. Despite the efforts of the Locust Control Organisation, Agricultural Department along with the farmers of the region in spraying pesticides since the first reported locust attack in the region in May last year, out of the total 3.6 Lakh hectares affected, 1 lakh hectares have been reportedly affected in the Sri Ganganagar District.

A member of the Kisan Sangarsh Samiti informed that they have written to the Prime Minister of India for providing financial aid of Rs 20,000 per acre to the farmers of the region, especially in the Sri Ganganagar district were about 75 percent of the standing crops are eaten up by the Grasshoppers. This biggest ever locust attack has been unstoppable and uncontrollable, as during the first locust attack in May, millions of locusts flown into the Rajasthan region from the region of Southern Pakistan, the Union Government should have a discussion with the Pakistani counterpart to control the breeding of the deadly Grasshoppers in its regions.



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