World Gold Council Report: 37% of Indian Women never bought gold

On May 27, 2020, the World Gold Council released its report on Retail Gold Insights: India Jewellery Report. According to the report, around 37% of Indian women never bought jewellery.


The report says that gold jewellery was the second most popular item among “Fashion and Lifestyle” shoppers next to clothes and silk sarees. Around 60% of Indian women already owned jewellery.

The 37% of Indian women that do not buy gold are now being seen as new target by the gold industry. Of these, 44% of the women are from rural areas and 30% are from urban.


According to the World Gold Council, the current young Indian women show least interest towards gold ornaments. Only 33% of women in the age group 18-24 bought gold jewellery. Their future purchase intent is low.

This is a great threat to the gold market. India is one of the largest gold market in the world and decrease in gold purchase in the country will affect gold industry badly.




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