World Braille Day 2020

4th January is celebrated as World Braille Day as per United Nations General Assembly Resolution passed in November 2018. The first World Braille Day was celebrated in 2019, this year marks the second edition of the day meant for creating awareness and making people understand the importance of Braille as a mean of communication. The day 4th January was selected to honor the birth anniversary of the inventor of Braille, Louis Braille.

The day is celebrated by spreading awareness about Braille as a form of communication for the people who are visually impaired that provides them with accessibility and independence. Everyone in our society regardless of ability deserves the equal services for which Braille literacy is an important factor, and availability of Braille versions of print materials in menus, statements, and bills in restaurants, banks, hospitals, etc must be encouraged. Globally 36 million people are living with blindness and 216 million have visual impairment ranging from moderate to severe as per World Health Organization estimates.



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