World Bank Report on Himachal Pradesh released

The World Bank has released report Scaling the Heights: Social inclusion and sustainable development on Himachal Pradesh.
It was released by Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Dhani Ram Shandil in Shimla.
This was first of its kind report prepared by the World Bank for Himachal Pradesh. The report reveals that state has effectively balanced economic growth with social inclusion.
Some facts from report

  • Himachal Pradesh has emerged as one of the states with the best human development outcomes in the country.
  • The performance in poverty reduction, education, women employment and health sectors was much better as compared to other states in India.
  • The state had also taken lead in implementation of various national programmes and had given special emphasis on infrastructural development.
  • The state had prepared a plan to mitigate the natural disasters which had been well appreciated by the government of India.
  • But female child sex ratio, under-nutrition in children and an ageing population still remain issues of concern in the state.



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