Wildlife Week India, 2019

The Wildlife Week is celebrated all over the country every year between 2nd October and 8th October. The aim is to preserve animal life in India. Through out the week events and campaigns are organized to teach people about animal life and encourage them save large number of animals by not killing them for food and other purposes.

Theme: Life Below Water: For people and planet


It is because of animal population in forest and other areas the environmental balance is preserved in nature. There is lack of awareness about this fact.

According to The Science Magazine, around 5,500 species of birds, amphibians and reptiles are being sold in world markets. It is a multi – dollar business and is considered as the most severe threats of biodiversity

During the week, many experts conduct seminars to introduce challenging aspects of wildlife conservation.


The week was first celebrated in 1972. The event is organized by National Board of Wildlife since its establishment in 1972.


  • The forest departments organize bird watching at wetlands. Bengaluru – Jakkkur lake bird watch was organized in Bangalore.
  • Symposiums, Conferences, workshops, lectures and education trainings are also conducted in schools, colleges and universities.
  • The Government of India has already declared Eco – sensitive zones like Sanctuaries, Biosphere reserves and Nationals parks to prohibit human activities.




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