WHO: Other Countries will follow China in revising their death toll

On April 18, 2020, the World Health Organization announced that many countries are to follow China in updating their death tolls due to COVID-19. This will happen after they bring the spread of the virus under control.


The major epicenter of COVID-19, Wuhan, recently raised its death toll due to COVID-19 by 50%. According to WHO, the health officials of Wuhan covered up the outbreak. However, the numbers have now been updated after several doctors raised alarms online.

With this, WHO has urged other nations to collect precise data.

What is the issue?

Recently after containing the spread of the virus, Wuhan city added 1,290 death tolls. This increased the number of tolls to 3,869. With this the overall infections in the city became 50,333.

This happened because, some patients died at home. The staffs were busy attending patients and delayed the paper works related to deaths due to the virus. The infections mainly originated in the wet markets of the city. This included fish, meat, etc.




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