WHO organizes Global Research Forum on Corona Virus

The World Health Organization is to host Global Research Forum between February 11, 2020 and February 12, 2020. The event is to be co-hosted by Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness.


The event will bring together leading public health agencies, leading scientists, funders. The experts will build their research on MERS and SARS virus information. This will help to minimize the impact of the virus. The main aim of the forum is to fasten the research and innovation of corona virus.

Current Scenario

There are more than 34,915 reported corona virus cases all over the world. The virus has so far killed 724. Around 2,085 have recovered.

India’s recent Actions

The Ministry of Shipping on February 7, 2020 issued directives to prevent the virus from entering India. The Ministry has placed screening, detection and quarantine system. It will also install thermal scanners. This will be highly helpful to screen passengers entering India through cruises. The Tourism sector is currently vulnerable to the virus, especially in Kerala.

The Ministry of AYUSH has advised precautionary measures to prevent the spread of virus.




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